Data and Sources for A Government that Worked Better and Cost Less?

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Data and sources for the graphs in A Government that Worked Better and Cost Less? Evaluating Three Decades of Reform and Change in UK Central Government by Christopher Hood and Ruth Dixon, 2015, Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-968702-2).

Quantitative data from official primary sources are given in full in the spreadsheets linked below, and secondary sources are cited. The primary sources should be consulted if further analysis of these data is planned, as revisions and reclassifications of official data take place frequently. The data in the spreadsheets correspond to the numbers used in our book published in 2015. All URLs in the spreadsheets were accessible in June 2015 but will not be updated after that date.

As well as being linked from this page, these data sets are permanently archived on the Oxford Research Archive

Please quote the following DOI if material from the dataset is cited: 10.5287/bodleian:dr26xx51p

Enquiries about these datasets may be directed to Dr Ruth Dixon (via University of Oxford contact search).

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