Publications and Datasets

alt1. A paper by Martin Lodge and Christopher Hood entitled Into an Age of Multiple Austerities? Public Management and Public Service Bargains across OECD Countries was published in Governance in January 2012 (25(1) 79-101).

2. Explorations in Governance (pdf) A collection of papers in honour of Christopher Hood, edited by Ruth Dixon and Martin Lodge. March 2012.

3. Blogpost on Politics InSpires by Ruth Dixon and Christopher Hood on finding out how much the civil service paybill costs. "Cutting the costs of bureaucracy: are we nearly there yet and how would we know?"

4. Christopher Hood and Ruth Dixon's paper 'A Model of Cost Cutting in Government: the Great Management Revolution in UK Central Government Reconsidered (open access) was published online in October 2012 and in print in March 2013 (Public Administration, 91(1) 114-134). We have written a 4-page summary, posts on RD's blog and on the LSE Politics and Policy blog, as well as an article in the online Guardian.

5. An article about uncertainties and unintended consequences of university rankings by Ruth Dixon and Christopher Hood, Ranking for Success: a No-brainer? Oxford Magazine, Noughth Week, Michaelmas Term 2012. RD's related blog post explores 'reactivity' towards rankings.

6. Reclassification Changes in PESA. An Excel spreadsheet showing how we calculated the running costs graphs in Hood and Dixon 2012.

7. Applications for Judicial Review. An Excel spreadsheet showing how applications for Judicial Review have changed since 1970. Graph featured on the Guardian Data Blog and UK Human Rights Blog 19 Nov 2012. See graph here: The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 also referred to this dataset (without attribution!) on 15 Dec 2012 at 8:10 and 8:50 am.

8. A Lever for Improvement or a Magnet for Blame? Press and Political Responses to International Educational Rankings in Four EU Countries. New paper by Ruth Dixon, Christiane Arndt, Manuel Mullers, Jarmo Vakkuri, Kristiina Engblom-Pelkkala, and Christopher Hood published in Public Administration 2013 91(2) pp 484–505. Free preprint version here.

9. July 2013: When the Party's Over: The Politics of Fiscal Squeeze in Perspective. A key comparative conference for the ESRC project was convened by Christopher Hood and David Heald and held at the British Academy on 9-10 July 2013. In this conference, nine international cases of fiscal squeeze were compared. Rozana Himaz presented "Comparing Fiscal Squeezes Across Nine Country Cases", one of the two papers that she co-authored with Christopher Hood, and also took part in the final panel discussion. All of the conference papers can be downloaded here, and some of the Tweets from #fiscalsqueeze are "Storified" here. A conference report by Rozana Himaz is on the Politics In Spires blog.

10. October 2014: When the Party's Over: The Politics of Fiscal Squeeze in Perspective, edited by Christopher Hood, David Heald, and Rozana Himaz was published by Oxford University Press and the British Academy. This book combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to examine cases ranging from the fiscal squeeze in the United States in the 1830s/40s (when half of the states then in the Union defaulted) to the squeeze following the 2001 Argentinian default. It assesses who were the winners and losers, who got the blame and what were the longer-term effects on politics and government. It argues that 'how to do it' approaches to fiscal squeeze in democracies, based on apparently successful cases, often fail to take into account profound differences in circumstances.

11. December 2014: Ruth Dixon published a blogpost on the number of Judicial Review cases received by UK government departments which was reblogged on LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, Democratic Audit, and The Justice Gap.

12. April 2015: Christopher Hood and Ruth Dixon's new book, A Government that Worked Better and Cost Less? Evaluating Three Decades of Reform and Change in UK Central Government, was published by Oxford University Press in April 2015. Download OUP Discount Flyer Here (30% off RRP of £30). Hood-and-Dixon---Email-Signature-Banner

13. April 2015: Christopher Hood and Ruth Dixon published a Commentary in Governance entitled 'What We Have to Show For 30 Years of New Public Management: Higher Costs, More Complaints'.

14. April 2015: Ruth Dixon and Christopher Hood wrote a briefing paper on the quality of official data entitled ‘How Data Churn Destroys Evidence about Public Service Performance and What Can be Done about It’.